Food Not Lawns

Homestead On Main Street

“But if you get rid of your lawn, where will your kids play?” 

When I talked about getting rid of our entire back lawn, I heard this question a lot. “If you have no grass, where will your kids run around? They won’t have anywhere to play!”

I get it, I do. We’re conditioned to think that “making it” means you’ve got a great big grassy back yard. Neat. Tidy. Pristine. Our yard is definitely not that. But amazingly, even with very little grass left, the kids have plenty of places to play. And they help to grow food that we can eat and they learn about how the decisions we make in our yard affect the creatures in our environment. When my daughter thanks the worms in the ground, or my son hugs the pumpkin he “grew”, I know we’ve made the right choice.

Standing in the garden Unfinished projects and one of many…

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