I will not conform.

I will not conform.

I will not conform.

Modern public school is nothing more than a machine to teach conformity. That is one of the reasons that my family home schools our children. Knowledge is not taught taking a standardized test is. Everything must be done following standards that now has been created by the Federal Government. I know what opponents will say. “It was good enough for me. It’s good enough for my kids.” I say, “I want better for my kids than I had it.” Cliques, bullies, and hours indoors are a few very negatives that schools expose our kids to. Schools are a breeding ground for germs and sickness. My oldest was never sick till the first day we put her into school. Our kids are much happier now that they don’t  go to public school.  I ask them from time to time do they miss their old school. They just shake their heads and say NO NO. I find interesting that a school day is about the same as a normal work day. Preparing them for their future in the cub farm. Children are not made to be indoors for eight hour. My kid got only 20 minutes from the time they enter the lunchroom till they lined back up to go back to class. This is ridiculous! Speaking of lining up. Check this out.

You must comply.

You must comply.

You must comply.

You must comply.


Everyone must walk on the lines, or you will get into trouble. Walk with one hand on your hip and the other on your lips. Very much like a prison. Come to think of it you can’t leave prison until your are released also. Teachers no matter how much they love teaching. No matter how much the care for your child. They will never care for your child as much as you do. Their time is spread around 25 plus kids. Not to mention those that misbehave.  But I want my kids to be socialized with other kids. CONFORMITY! I will not comply. I get to chose who my kids associates with. I know their parents. I know them. All this negative, but what to do? The solution for my family is home schooling plus being a member if a co-op. My children go a few times a week to the co-op for classes and fun time with other kids. The co-op also organizes field trips, graduations, and proms. The families chose all that they participate in. We chose the schedule. We chose not the government. And in my state we don’t have lots of hoops to jump through. Just sign a letter of intent, which can be do online now.


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